Joo Group – reinventing urban living

At Joo Group (former Asuntoyhtymä), we develop, rent out and manage properties in Finland’s growth centres, such as the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Tampere region, Turku, and Oulu. We currently own approximately 5900 rental apartments, with approximately 2000 more under construction.

The company was founded in 2017 by the Nordic real estate company Fastighets AB Balder and Jaakko Niskanen, who still own the company today.

A responsible, long-term owner

Being a responsible, long-term owner means enabling new ways to live sustainably, while promoting the sustainable development of evolving urban communities. We invest in properties to keep hold of them for generations, taking the best possible care of our homes, our tenants, and the environment.

Holistic solutions for better living

We never tire of creating new, smart services to make our tenants’ lives easier. The simple mission of our Joo Kodit apartments is make rental living carefree. We want our tenants to be free to say Joo, which means yes in Finnish – yes to embracing the new, seizing the moment, and following their hearts.