Whistleblowing channel

Our values are important to us. What’s equally important is that we ensure they’re put into practice.

We encourage our personnel, customers, and partners to take up any concerns directly with the people involved. Our management and customer service (joo@joo-kodit.fi; 020 766 1390) are always open to feedback and suggestions.

In addition to this, to better monitor the implementation of our values, we have adopted a whistleblowing channel for reporting unacceptable behaviour. The channel is based on the EU whistleblower protection directive (EU 2019/1937).

Anyone who observes a breach of the law or our company values can report it via our whistleblowing channel. This can be done either anonymously or not, but always with integrity.

The digital channel is maintained by an external service provider. The reports are handled confidentially and securely, with no consequences to the whistleblower, and forwarded to an internal processing group put together by Joo Group.

You can report your concern at the bottom of the page. Please follow the instructions carefully and note down the code you get from the system. The code allows you to sign back in to the system and check any messages you receive regarding your report.

We will acknowledge receipt of your report within seven days of you sending it. You will be informed about the progress of the related investigation and any action taken within three months.

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Whistleblowing channel: Frequently asked questions