The Joo vibe - that summarises our year 2022 perfectly

Sanni Siira
Sanni Siira

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2022 was a year of growth, development, and testing out new things. We started the year as Asuntoyhtymä and ended it as Joo Group, headed by our new CEO Antti Niskanen.

The number of Joo Kodit rental apartments grew from around 4,000 to over 6,000, and the number of Joo team members increased to more than 70. Along the way, we introduced our own apartment search, residents' app, and café! To fulfil our social mission, we organised numerous resident events throughout Finland. What's more, we calculated our carbon footprint and launched new services, such as the Joo Fixer and the fully furnished Joo+ apartments.

Read our annual report to find out what Joo team members think of the past year.

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