Antti Niskanen appointed new CEO, starting 1.11.2022

Heta Kärki
Heta Kärki

Asuntoyhtymä’s board has appointed M.Sc. Antti Niskanen as the new CEO of the company. Niskanen, at the moment Head of Sustainability, will start in his new role 1.11.2022. The current CEO, co-founder of the company, Jaakko Niskanen, will focus on his roles as a board member and owner.

Asuntoyhtymä has become a key player in the Finnish residential rental market. Jaakko Niskanen describes the journey of Asuntoyhtymä with great pride and joy:

“I've had the most interesting and rewarding past six years. In November 2016 I had some extra energy and ended up sending Balder’s Erik Selin an email asking if we could do something together. To my surprise, Erik responded and a few months later Asuntoyhtymä saw daylight. Since January 2017, when Asuntoyhtymä was founded, I've had the privilege to head and grow the company as its CEO. It has truly been like a second child to me. However, six years later, I now feel it’s time to step back from day-to-day operations and focus on adding value in the role of a board member and shareholder. It's incredible how fast time has flown. As of today, we have more than 7300 Joo rental homes rented or under construction.

I feel confident that I'm handing over a company and corporate culture we can all be very proud of. My life philosophy revolves around the idea of making full use of each moment we are given. Another integral part of this is discovering and living according to one’s passions, which is something I've been lucky enough to do. This is something I have in common with Antti, although we're different in many other ways. I’m happy to say that there's no-one else I'd rather see run our company. Antti is a person who can be trusted in all situations. As our new CEO, he will also further promote the concept of sustainability in our corporate DNA”, Jaakko Niskanen says.

antti and jaakko niskanen

The concept of sustainability inspires Antti Niskanen

Antti Niskanen has studied industrial engineering in Aalto University. For the past year he has served as Head of Sustainability at Asuntoyhtymä. Antti finds it fascinating to consider sustainability as a concept that will help companies to thrive in the long run – hopefully for decades and centuries. Sustainability should not be seen as a particular perspective to a company’s business activities, but as a comprehensive ideology that encompasses every action.

“I want to thank the board for this unique possibility to head a wonderful company. This is a team sport, and together with my 60 colleagues I'm excited to serve and deliver increasing value to all our customers. I look forward to starting as a CEO and building a sustainable company with a long term perspective."