Asuntoyhtymä joins Green Building Council Finland

Heta Kärki
Heta Kärki

The Board of Green Building Council Finland has accepted Asuntoyhtymä Group into its network of members. Green Building Council Finland (FIGBC) is a collaborative association to promote a sustainable built environment, which is carbon neutral and fulfils the demands of the circular economy, while still maintaining a high quality of life.

"To us, joining Green Building Council Finland is a natural step in line with our strategy. We now own 3000 rental homes in Finland’s largest cities, meaning our contribution to the built environment is already significant. As a long-term developer, owner and provider of rented accommodation, ensuring sustainability in our homes throughout their lifecycles is both a passion and a duty for us," says Asuntoyhtymä’s CEO Jaakko Niskanen says.

The people at Asuntoyhtymä have high hopes for the membership. Besides concrete tools and information, they hope to engage in a rich and varied dialogue with different industry stakeholders.

"It’s wonderful to have a network like Green Building Council Finland, which allows organisations in our industry to share their best practices for sustainable development. We want to lead the way when it comes to sustainability, as well as to actively develop urban living. We’re, of course, more than happy to share everything we’ve learnt so far, too, Niskanen elaborates.

Efficient solutions for ecological living

Residential housing contributes the largest share of the total carbon footprint in Finland. Asuntoyhtymä is tackling this challenge by choosing responsible partners and investing in efficient use of space.

"We’re always on the lookout for more ecological ways to both build and live. This year, for example, the last of our fully owned properties have made the switch to renewable energy. We’ve also made the decision to aim for the highest energy efficiency class, class A, for every one of our new developments,” Niskanen says.

Asuntoyhtymä’s residents are predominantly young, mostly under 35. A customer survey recently highlighted that they’ve chosen rental living for its ease and flexibility, which matches their current situation in life.

"Young people are looking for eco-friendly and easy living. Thanks to changing values and the rise of the sharing economy, owning things has lost its charm. Consumer focus has shifted to experiences and services that make life easier. Our energy-efficient apartments surrounded by services and good transport connections support this transition and sustainable development," Niskanen explains.