Better and more effective property management in-house

Mikko Väänänen
Mikko Väänänen

Oulun Vista laundry

In 2023, we focused our efforts on bringing more of our property management in-house. We wanted to gain a better understanding of the condition of our apartments and the services our residents get from our external partners.

We now clean our apartment complexes ourselves

In January, we welcomed our first cleaning professional to the Joo team. Since then, we have taken on the cleaning of our own apartment complexes across Finland, excluding the Greater Helsinki region.

The much-loved Joo Fixer service expanded to Tampere

To the joy of our residents, the Joo Fixer service expanded to Tampere and now covers an even larger share of the Greater Helsinki region, too. Today, Joo Fixers visit nearly every apartment complex we own each month, and the service is available to the majority of Joo Kodit residents throughout Finland.

In the Oulu region, we started to provide property maintenance services for our own apartment complexes in May. This allows us to offer our Oulu residents a comprehensive maintenance and upkeep service.

Excellent partners complement our maintenance services

While we aim to take better care of our properties and tenants ourselves, we know we can’t do everything alone. At the start of the year, we assessed the maintenance and upkeep needs of our apartment complexes and defined our required level of care and maintenance. By the end of the year, we had renegotiated the content and contracts for nearly all services, from property maintenance to carpet replacement services and lift maintenance, in collaboration with our partners.

Oulun Tervapääsky

Planned and cost-effective repairs in our apartment complexes

Although the majority of our properties are relatively new, we decided to make their maintenance more systematic. We developed a Planned Maintenance Schedule (PTS) for each apartment complex that we fully own, which will guide maintenance and repairs for the coming years. The goal is to anticipate maintenance needs well in advance, so we can carry out the necessary maintenance and repairs more cost-effectively as part of larger projects.

We optimised our apartment complexes’ waste management

Streamlining the waste management process in our housing companies was one of last year’s most interesting tasks. Our goal is to reduce unnecessary waste collection and ensure that bins are emptied only when needed. As we’ve now had the chance to monitor the fill levels of waste bins in selected sites, we have made initial adjustments to their collection frequencies. We look forward to seeing the progression and results of this project!

This blog post was originally published in Joo Group's annual review 2023. Read the annual review here.