Despite rapid growth, employee satisfaction at Joo Group remains high

Johanna Mattsson
Johanna Mattsson

Joo Group

Joo Group, which develops, owns and rents out carefree Joo Kodit apartments, more than doubled its number of employees in 2022. Despite the rapid growth, the company's employee satisfaction has remained exceptionally high. In a survey conducted by Innolink in March and April, Joo Group's eNPS score, which measures employees' willingness to recommend their workplace to others, was an excellent 82.

– Though the results aren’t quite as amazing as last year, they’re still something to be very proud of. Our unique team spirit is still there, though we hired a total of 36 new talents during the year. At the end of 2022, there were already 60 of us, says Human Resources Manager Maarit Elo.

The survey measured employee satisfaction and development needs for well-being at work at Joo Group and the new Joo Hetki café in Oulu. 62 responses were received, and the response rate was 82%.

Joo Hetki kahvilan Joo-tiimiläisiä

The vast majority would recommend Joo Group as a workplace

The eNPS score, which is reported on a scale of -100 to 100, indicates how likely employees are to recommend their workplace to others. A negative result means there are more critics than promoters within the company, while a positive result indicates that promoters are in the majority. In Innolink's benchmarking database, the average eNPS across different industries is 13, so Joo Group’s score puts it among the top Finnish companies.

– I would recommend Joo Group as a workplace ten times out of ten. Here, you have the opportunity to develop professionally and advance in your career, as long as you have the right attitude, one respondent said.

Equality and shared goals ensure good vibes at the work community

In the survey, employees gave the highest ratings to Joo Group’s equal treatment of employees and commitment to shared goals. Recurring reasons to recommend Joo Group as a great place to work included strong team spirit, fairness, caring for employees, small-company vibe and a healthy balance between freedom and responsibility.

– Based on the results, I dare say people here experience a powerful sense of togetherness. Every one of us deserves a big thanks for this wonderful Joo vibe, Maarit Elo says.

Investing in a good atmosphere and a sense of belonging will continue in the future. In their feedback, Joo Group's employees hoped to see more local team building events, so each office will now be allocated its own recreation fund.

– These recreation funds will allow our employees to organise their own local and regional activities - anything from movie nights to ice hockey games, bowling, skiing classes, and handicraft courses, Elo explains.

Joo Groupin pikkujoulut

A workplace where stars are encouraged to shine

Feedback and clarity of responsibilities, which both received a commendable score of 4.1/5 in the survey, were identified as areas to be developed. Amidst rapid growth, Joo Group will increase feedback from both team leaders and colleagues, while also ensuring clear job descriptions are given to all Joo employees from the start of their employment. This will also align with one of Joo Group's important values, continuous development.

– We aim to develop the skills and career of every one of our Joo team members. The theme of our 2022 Christmas party was "Shine bright like a star." That's what we’re like: each Joo employee is a vital part of Joo Group and adds incredible value with their unique presence, says Elo, who has progressed from a rental representative to management in her career.

Open-ended feedback like “this is the best workplace ever” brings a smile to the HR manager’s face. Joo Group, known as Asuntoyhtymä until 2022, continues to grow, while keeping employee satisfaction as a top priority.