Hartela to construct two new developments for Asuntoyhtymä in Oulu

Marianne Korhonen
Marianne Korhonen

The new Joo apartments will be heated with eco-friendly energy from the return water of the district heating network.

Asuntoyhtymä and Hartela have signed a contract for a new development, Asunto Oy Oulun Kiuru, to be built in the Karjasillan Kulma block of the Höyhtyä district in Oulu. In addition to this, a preliminary contract has been signed for another development, Asunto Oy Oulun Tervapääsky. The two apartment complexes will comprise a total of 141 Joo Kodit rental apartments. Construction started in June, and the new homes will be completed in stages during 2023.

The apartment buildings, which have been awarded the energy rating A, will be heated with an innovative district heating solution developed by Hartela and Oulun Energia. The energy from the return pipes of the district heating network will be recovered using heat pumps. In winter, it will be used for heating and in summer for cooling the apartments. The condensation from the cooling process will heat water for the residents. This is the first time such an energy solution plays a major role in a residential development.

The buildings will also feature solar energy systems.

— It's very interesting to see the development of novel energy solutions first hand. We're always aiming to learn something from every project, and this venture in particular will offer plenty of takeaways, says Asuntoyhtymä's Head of Sustainability Antti Niskanen.

The apartment complexes will be part of Hartela's block of 11 apartment buildings called Karjasillan Kulma. The block's many energy efficient solutions include smart outdoor lighting. 5G cables will be drawn under Puhtibulevardi, the community's main road. The underground car park of the block will boast both shared parking spaces and shared cars owned by several apartment complexes together.

— It's great to have the chance to build sustainable residential living solutions for Asuntoyhtymä. Karjasillan Kulma is a contemporary community, which will pioneer not just a smart energy system but also other residential and service solutions of the future. At Karjasillan Kulma, sustainability and living comfort have been put front and centre across the board, says the CEO of Hartela Pohjois-Suomi Oy, Markku Taskinen.

Hartela Asuntoyhtymä Kiuru Oulu

Comfortable living at Karjasillan Kulma

Höyhtyä is an idyllic neighbourhood located at less than two kilometres from the amenities of central Oulu. Everyday services are all just a short walk or bike ride away, and getting around the city is easy by public transport. Outdoors and exercise enthusiasts will enjoy the running tracks of the Heinäpää sports centre and the nearby Lintulammenpuisto park.

Joo Kodit already owns approximately 800 rental apartments in Oulu, with a whole host more to be completed in the coming years. Three more Joo apartment complexes are under construction in Höyhtyä besides Oulun Tervapääsky and Oulun Kiuru: As Oy Oulun Hiillos and As Oy Oulun Antiikva will be completed in 2022 and As Oy Oulun Hohto will welcome residents in late 2023.