Joo Kodit is the main sponsor of a new sports centre

Heta Kärki
Heta Kärki

Yoga, dance, exercise classes, gym, racket sports, climbing, bowling – and much more. Joo Kodit is the main sponsor of the brand new indoor sports centre Joo.Arena. The holistic wellness centre opened in the Masala neighbourhood of Kirkkonummi in September 2021.

“The indoor sports hall that served Masala since 2004 has been replaced by an expanded and renovated facility, which offers double the amount of space – up from 5000 to over 10000 square metres,” says the sports hall’s Managing Director Taisto Koivumäki .

Joo Arena ulkokuva

Joo Kodit is the main sponsor of a new sports centre

The main sponsor of the sport centre, Joo Kodit, is property developer Asuntoyhtymä’s new rental home brand, which provides apartments in Uusimaa, Tampere, Turku and Oulu. Joo Kodit comprise approximately 3200 rental homes, with over 1000 more being built.

Joo Kodit currently have 250 apartments in the Masala and Tolsa neighbourhoods of Kirkkonummi. A new development called the New York block is under construction in the Tinanpuisto park opposite the sports hall. Its first part, Manhattan, will be completed towards the end of 2021. Once finished, the New York block will be home to over 300 apartments.

“Many of the inhabitants in this area are facing a new phase in their life. They may have just started their studies or moved to a new region. As the main sponsor and a local stakeholder we want to boost up community spirit and our tenants’ well-being. Providing opportunities for exercise is just one part of that,”, says Asuntoyhtymä’s Commercial Director Heta Kärki .

Joo Arena kiipeily

A sporty community close to home

Measured by size, Joo.Arena is one of the top 10 indoor sports centres in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. In terms of the number of sports available, however, Koivumäki puts it in the top 3. Facilities will open gradually over the course of the autumn, and the centre’s official inauguration is planned for November.

According to a customer survey, the residents of Joo Kodit prefer to spend their free time doing exercise and enjoying the company of friends. The plan is to offer four free communal sports shifts per month for those living in Joo Kodit near the sports centre – two floorball shifts and two exercise classes in alternate weeks.

Koivumäki sees the new sports centre becoming host to a broad spectrum of communal activities. Joo Kodit advocates carefree rental living and thriving communities, so making Joo.Arena an active meeting place for local residents comes naturally.

“We give people of all ages the chance to try a wide variety of exercise. It’s great to have a local company like Joo Kodit attracting sporty residents to our neighbourhood. We look forward to working together,” Koivumäki says.

Koivumäki hopes that the myriad of sports available will inspire people to exercise, even those who aren’t as naturally active. Padel, for example, is a low-threshold option to try, as it requires no experience in playing sports. What’s more, there will be plenty of sports classes and courses for children and adolescents who are keen to try a healthy new hobby.

“I hope that Joo.Arena will lead the way as a venue for varied sports activities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area .”