BC Nokia and Joo Kodit joined forces: Taking up basketball can be easy and accessible for adults, too

Marianne Korhonen
Marianne Korhonen

Press release, 28 December 2023

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Meeting new people and starting a new team sport as an adult can be challenging. BC Nokia, a basketball club, and Joo Kodit, a rental apartment provider, have decided to tackle this challenge. The two are now launching free basketball training for beginner women.

Nokia has a solid track record in both professional and junior basketball. Starting in January 2024, the new Joo Basketball pilot project makes it easy for adults to get into basketball too. BC Nokia and Joo Kodit are teaming up to offer free weekly basketball training for beginner women all through the spring. The sessions will be led by BC Nokia's top-notch coaching team, including Greg Gibson, Denis Kucevic, Kari Luontila, Aleksi Koskinen, Sergio Gargelli, Derric Crayton, and players from BC Nokia's representative teams.

– I got in touch with Joo Kodit for work, and it was a pleasant surprise to discover how much their management knew about basketball. Heta Kärki, the Commercial Director at Joo Kodit, had this idea about creating something more community-oriented and meaningful than just a typical advertising partnership. That's how Joo Basketball came about, and we're now ready to test out the project in Nokia. Given that this town loves its basketball, we're expecting a really enthusiastic welcome! Basketball is much more than just good exercise; it's fun, it brings people together, and it builds community spirit. As Joo Basketball makes it easy for anyone to start playing without worrying about their lack of skills, I'm confident it'll be a fantastic way for adults to get into basketball, says Pasi Heino, BC Nokia player.

Joo Kodit helps prevent loneliness at home

Joo Kodit rents out apartments in Nokia and across Finland. In a survey conducted in 2021, they discovered that people in different companies' rental accommodation often feel lonely in their homes. Since then, says Heta Kärki, Joo Kodit has been tackling the problem by organising a variety of residents' events from running clubs to book clubs.

– The idea of Joo Basketball came from wanting to create a sense of community in Nokia and also from the people at Joo being passionate basketball fans. CEO Antti Niskanen knows Nokia’s basketball courts well, having played in the Finnish Korisliiga basketball league for over a decade. I play in the women's second division myself and have fantastic memories of junior basketball trips to Nokia.

Joo Kodit is inviting its residents to join the training sessions, but Joo Basketball is also open to all women over 18 living in Nokia. Antti Niskanen strongly encourages everyone to give basketball a try.

– The social side of things, like meeting new people and making lasting friendships, will just happen naturally.

Niskanen has a shout-out for BC Nokia's player Niko Mattila, too.

– I still remember our tough home defeat against Nokia when I was with Helsinki Seagulls back in the 2016 bronze match. Labovic was too much for me even then. People often say bronze matches don't matter, but I was deeply affected by that game – and so was the Nokia team, though of course very differently! A couple of years later, we finally turned the tables in Nokia. Niko Mattila was already playing for the club back then, and I just couldn't get past his defense. So, Niko, if you end up coaching, how about a quick one-on-one match at Joo Basketball?

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