Joo Group takes a big green leap – we're installing solar panels on dozens of rooftops

Marianne Korhonen
Marianne Korhonen

solar panels

Joo Group is installing solar panels in almost all new properties to be completed in 2023, as well as in 16 pre-existing apartment complexes.

– This is all about looking towards the future, as it's a significant investment with a reasonably long payback period. We want to be pioneers in energy efficiency by making green choices and supporting sustainable development, says the Maintenance Manager of Joo Group Jerry Tammi.

In August, installations are in their final stages at the Vantaan Ruutulippu apartment complex in Vantaa. The complex comprises three apartment buildings, on which Laatutrio is installing a total of 211 solar panels.

The forecast yearly production for the solar power system at Vantaan Ruutulippu is approximately 74,300 kilowatt-hours. Calculated with the average emissions factor for electricity production, this will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of the apartment complex by around 5.7 tonnes annually.

solar panel installation

During the summer months, the solar panels are sufficient to cover the building's entire energy consumption, including ventilation, lighting, lifts, saunas, and electric car charging points. In fact, excess energy is generated on the sunniest days.

– Any surplus energy is sold back to the grid, which supports the green transition, Tammi explains.

Besides Vantaa, solar panels will be installed in Turku, Nokia, Oulu, and Nurmijärvi.

electric car charging point

Circular economy within an apartment complex: in sunny weather, electric cars are charged using clean solar energy produced on the roof!

Long-term work for energy efficiency

In addition to solar panels, several Joo Group properties utilise geothermal energy, and all new developments are built to meet the requirements of the energy rating A. This autumn, energy efficiency will be further enhanced as smart heating control systems are installed in over 40 apartment complexes. In some properties, residents will be able to adjust their apartment's temperature themselves, while in others, the intelligent system will prevent heating imbalances, saving unnecessary heating costs and reducing the carbon footprint.

– Improving energy efficiency is an ongoing project, which never ends. We continuously evolve our operations to be greener and eagerly anticipate seeing the impact of our energy efficiency projects in the coming year,says Tammi.