Joo Kodit is emerging as one of the largest rental apartment providers in Oulu

Marianne Korhonen
Marianne Korhonen

Press release 20.6.2023

The development-oriented city of Oulu has been an excellent environment for piloting innovative housing solutions.

As Oy Oulun Hohto

Joo Kodit, a company reinventing the rental housing market in Finland, is increasing its presence in the Oulu with several new developments in the Karjasilta, Toppilansalmi, Hiukkavaara, and Höyhtyä neighbourhoods. By the end of 2023, Joo Kodit will have nearly 1700 apartments in Oulu, which is currently home to one-fifth of its entire property portfolio.

Joo Kodit apartments are owned by Joo Group, a company operating in various locations around Finland. Many of the company’s pioneering ideas for carefree rental living have been put to the test in Oulu.

– We’re constantly working hard to develop rental living into a comprehensive service. Renting a home is much more than just walls and a roof. It also involves a community and services that make life easier. We’ve piloted many of our services in Oulu because the atmosphere here is genuinely development-oriented. For example, we opened the Joo Hetki café to the public in Toppilansalmi earlier this year, and we’ve been really pleased with the flood of feedback and ideas we’ve received from the locals, says Heta Kärki, Commercial Director for Joo Kodit.

Joo Hetki -kahvila

Varied services from installation help to fitness centres

Mikko Väänänen, Head of Property Management for Joo Kodit, says a groundbreaking design concept is being tested in the company’s new developments. Accent walls, floors, kitchen fixtures, and bathrooms are decorated in bold, vibrant colours.

– We’re adding joy, vitality, and a cosy vibe to our rental homes. The distinctive material choices set us apart from traditional rental housing providers and serve as an attractive foundation for residents to personalise their homes, says Väänänen.

As Oy Oulun Lumihuippu

As Oy Oulun Lumihuippu

As Oy Oulun Lumihuippu

Residents can also request free help from Joo Fixers for installing lights and washing machines, or putting up paintings and mirrors. The apartment complexes’ versatile shared spaces include gyms and laundry rooms. Additionally, residents have access to fully electric shared cars for their personal journeys.

Joo Kodit’s social mission is to prevent loneliness at home by organising community events, with the Joo Hetki café as their base. In addition to savoury and sweet treats, Joo Hetki also serves morning porridge, coffee, tea, wine, beers and mocktails.

Joo Hetki -kahvila

FACT: Over 300 new Joo Kodit rental apartments will be completed in Oulu this year

  • As Oy Oulun Kiuru will be completed in Karjasilta in July. It will comprise 70 rental apartments, a sauna, and a laundry room. In December, it will be followed by As Oy Oulun Tervapääsky next door, with 71 rental apartments and a laundry room. Both apartment complexes will feature an eco-efficient heating system developed by Hartela and Oulun Energia, where the energy from the return line of district heating is collected and used to heat the apartments during winter and cool them in summer. The resulting condensation energy is also used for heating domestic water.

  • Another new development in Karjasilta, As Oy Oulun Hohto, will be ready in September, providing 76 rental apartments and a laundry room.

  • As Oy Oulun Vista will be completed in Toppilansalmi in July. The housing complex will consist of 51 rental apartments and a large laundry room where residents can play table football and other games together while waiting for their washing to finish. Residents will also have access to electric cars shared across the apartment block, along with the opportunity to meet their neighbours at the Joo Hetki café in the apartment complex next door.

  • As Oy Oulun Lumihuippu will be completed in Hiukkavaara in September. This new development, rated A for energy efficiency, will utilised geothermal and solar energy and offer 59 rental apartments, a gym, and a laundry room.

As Oy Oulun Lumihuippu

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