Joo Kodit rental apartments to be built in Toukovuori, Porvoo

Marianne Korhonen
Marianne Korhonen

The new neighbourhood’s attractions include proximity to nature and ecological values.

As Oy Porvoon Horisontin visualization

The building of As Oy Porvoon Horisontti is currently underway in Toukovuori in Porvoo. The new development will comprise 54 Joo Kodit rental homes from studios to one bedroom apartments. Built by Marvea, they will be completed at the start of 2024. The residents will able to enjoy Joo Kodit’s promise of carefree rental living, which includes the idea that not everything must be personally owned.

– Our aim is to come up with new ways for our residents to share space, items and even means of transport. We’re designing a stylish and convenient communal area to help us put these ideas into practice in Porvoon Horisontti, says the Joo Kodit Head of Sustainability Antti Niskanen.

The communal area will include a sauna, gym equipment, and a laundry room. What’s more, the residents can make use of a shared car and a bike maintenance point.

Homes chosen for ecological values

Toukovuori is a new neighbourhood, which will host approximately 1400 residents in energy-efficient, low-carbon homes. The Porvoon Horisontti apartment complex will have geothermal heating and solar panels on the roof.

– The importance of an apartment’s ecological values is clearly growing, and ecological issues increasingly affect people’s home choices. Thanks to geothermal heating and solar panels, the running costs of the apartment complex stay manageable even if purchased energy gets more expensive, says the Marvea CEO Miikka Routama.

The Toukovuori district stands out with its proximity to nature. Beautiful sea views can be admired from the local hilltop, and the varied landscape is ideal for outdoor recreation. Outdoor destinations near Toukovuori include the Ruskis nature reserve with its wetland bird habitats and the nature trails through Ekudden’s groves and rocky shoreline. The amenities of central Porvoo are approximately three kilometres away.