Joo Kodit residents to be offered free help for small fixes at home

Marianne Korhonen
Marianne Korhonen

The Joo Fixer service will first be launched in Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Oulu.

Joo Fixer

Joo Kodit wants to offer its residents carefree rental living, and part of that is helping them add personal and practical touches to their home. Residents can now book the new Joo Fixer service for small interior design and maintenance jobs, such as installing light fixtures or a washing machine, or putting up a picture or mirror.

The new service, launched at residents' request, challenges the traditional responsibilities of the tenant and the apartment owner.

– Here at Joo Kodit, we want to make rental living as carefree as possible. We have many young tenants who are moving out of the family home for the first time, and they may not have the tools or skills for installing appliances. Joo Fixer will help our residents for free so they can focus on enjoying their new home, says Asuntoyhtymä's Commercial Director Heta Kärki.

Kärki says that Joo Kodit's promise of carefree rental is made up of various different things.

– We have no deposits, and pets are always welcome. People can also rent their home furnished if they like, so all they need to bring is their own crockery, clothes, home textiles and other personal items.

Those who have already lived in a Joo apartment for some time can also reap the benefits of the new home fixing service. Besides mounting furniture and interior decoration items, Joo Fixer can be booked to perform small maintenance tasks like oiling hinges or tightening door handles.

The service is currently available at several apartment complexes in Espoo, Kirkkonummi, and Oulu. It will be expanded gradually to new locations, with the objective of offering it across all Joo apartment complexes in the future.

Read more about Joo Fixer on the Joo Kodit website.