Joo Kodit shared cars contribute to residents' carefree life

Marianne Korhonen
Marianne Korhonen

shared car Joo Kodit x Omago

Joo Kodit's concept of carefree rental living includes not just convenient and functional accommodation but also useful services that make everyday life easier. One of these is a shared car service, which is currently offered in several apartment complexes in collaboration with Omago.

Tommi Meriläinen who has been in charge of ordering the shared cars, claims the service makes moving around much smarter. Emissions are reduced when multiple drivers need just one vehicle.

– We acquired shared cars for Joo Kodit so that residents have the option to give up their own cars and save on their daily expenses. Typically, private cars remain parked in parking lots, depreciating in value for about 95 percent of the day.

Car sharing really motivates people to reconsider their daily habits, says Joel Virpi from Omago.

– Nearly 30 percent of the users of Omago shared cars have given up their own car as a result of the service. In addition to making substantial savings on transport expenses, these people now benefit from the added convenience of not owning a car.

shared car Joo Kodit x Omago

shared car Joo Kodit x Omago

Car sharing also appeals to those who have never owned a car

Having a car to borrow in one's own backyard brings extra convenience to daily life, as people don't have to rely solely on public transport or a bicycle for getting around. The car is handy, for example, for carrying heavy groceries back from the supermarket or for weekend getaways somewhere inaccessible by public transport. Making reservations is quick and affordable via the app.

– We can see from our user feedback that people appreciate Joo Kodit for providing the cars and Omago for the smooth service, says Virpi.

Joo Kodit and Omago have already collaborated for more than three years.

– The collaboration with the agile and professional team at Joo Kodit has been excellent! Over the years, both Joo Kodit and Omago have grown significantly, and Omago's service is now available in more and more Joo Kodit properties. Combined with Omago's offer, the modern Joo Kodit homes with their services and their excellent locations are clearly a value-added combination for rental living.

Greener mobility with electric cars charged on solar energy

This year saw the introduction of the first shared cars designed exclusively for Joo Kodit, and they are fully electric, Meriläinen says.

– In the future, all cars acquired for Joo Kodit will be electric. In some apartment complexes, the energy for charging the electric cars comes from the building's own solar panels.

In an Omago survey, 80 percent of the users said that shared cars have increased their commitment to their home. The majority hope that if they were to move in the future, their new home would also offer shared cars.

Joo shared car