These photos show how Masala in Kirkkonummi has evolved in the last few years

Marianne Korhonen
Marianne Korhonen

Joo Group is one of the most important rental property investors in the area.

Masala in Kirkkonummi before and after

For years, Kirkkonummi's development plans have envisioned Masala as a little town in its own right, with a centre that's a modern urban space rather than just a thoroughfare. As these visions have gradually become a reality, the area's streetscape has been transformed by extensive new construction. At the same time, local amenities have expanded fast.

What's more, new apartment complexes with their ground-floor shops and Joo.Arena, one of Finland's most diverse sports centres, have emerged in the centre of Masala. The supermarkets have had a makeover, too.

The population of the area has been growing steadily, and Masala currently has around 5,000 residents. In addition to the ample local amenities, new arrivals are attracted to the neighbourhood for its proximity to nature and prime location just a half-hour train ride from Helsinki.

In the future, the aim is to develop the centre towards an even more urban direction. By the 2040s, Masala and Luoma could be home to up to 11,000 people.

Diversity of apartments supports Masala's development

As the population grows, there has been an increasing demand for family-sized rental apartments. In mid-February, As Oy Kirkkonummen Hudson developed by Joo Group was completed, and the apartments will be rented out as Joo Kodit homes. The largest of the apartments have five rooms.

– We were surprised by the demand for the largest apartments, and they were all rented out well before the building was completed. Besides smaller apartments, we still have a few three bedroom apartments available," says Heta Kärki, Commercial Director at Joo Kodit.

Kirkkonummen Hudson is part of the Joo Kodit New York block. It has been built in the Tinanpuisto area, which underwent a complete transformation from a former agricultural field to a modern residential block. Today, it comprises four apartment complexes with a total of 359 Joo Kodit rental apartments.

The construction project, carried out in partnership with YIT, took approximately four years.

The New York block in 2021

  • The New York block before and after. The picture from 2021 shows As Oy Kirkkonummen Manhattan under contruction and the old sports hall where Joo.Arena stands today. In the foreground of the 2023 picture, we see As Oy Kirkkonummen Hudson with its solar panels, which was still under construction last autumn. It was completed in February 2024. In the back left are As Oy Kirkkonummen Soho and As Oy Kirkkonummen Brooklyn. Joo.Arena and Kirkkonummen Manhattan, meanwhile, are visible in the back right.*

The New York block in 2023

Masalanportti to follow suit

The Masala region's development is set to continue across the railway tracks into the Masalanportti planning area, where the construction of residential apartment buildings is underway for Joo Kodit. These include Joo Kodit's first LEED-certified apartment complex, As Oy Kirkkonummen Ferdinand.

Set for completion in spring 2025, Ferdinand will feature an diverse range of Joo Kodit rental options, from one bedroom flats to spacious three bedroom homes.