Lamminrahka is developing: 140 new rental apartments to be completed

Marianne Korhonen
Marianne Korhonen

The sixth apartment building in Lamminrahka will be completed in late summer. Shopping area construction will start next year, provided the zoning change is approved.

Joo Kodit Lamminrahka

Located on the border between Tampere and Kangasala, Lamminrahka is being actively developed into a neighbourhood for 8,000 residents. Currently, about 350 people live in Lamminrahka, served by the newly completed school centre and versatile sports park, both finished last summer.

The sixth apartment building of the district, As Oy Kangasalan Kuningas, will be completed in late summer 2024. It will host 140 Joo Kodit rental apartments from studios to compact family apartments. The property developer is Joo Group, with Mangrove as the building company.

The apartment complex, which has been awarded the A rating for energy efficiency, utilises geothermal heating. Its residents will have access to a fully electric shared car.

Joo Kodit already has another apartment complex in Lamminrahka, As Oy Kangasalan Kuningatar, which was completed in autumn 2023.

– Our residents have listed tranquillity and proximity to nature as the major attractions of Lamminrahka. Transport connections to both Tampere and Kangasala are also very convenient, Joo Kodit rental representative Sanna Vääränen says.

As Oy Kangasalan Kuningas

Greater variety in Lamminrahka's apartment options

In addition to renting to private individuals, Joo Kodit will begin offering furnished apartments for businesses in Lamminrahka to meet companies' long-term accommodation needs. Any of the apartments in Kangasalan Kuningas or Kuningatar can be converted into a furnished Joo Premium apartment.

– Joo Premium apartments come fully equipped with everything needed for day-to-day living, from tableware to sheets and towels. They offer quick and carefree solutions for employees' accommodation needs, says Vääränen

Shopping area construction to begin next year

The construction of the northern part of Lamminrahka's infrastructure will begin in the autumn. The area has been zoned for over 100 plots for single-family homes and urban townhouses, as well as several blocks predominantly for apartment buildings and small houses.

A zoning change is being prepared for the centre of Lamminrahka, which would convert blocks reserved for residential and commercial premises into a mixed-use area for shops and housing. This would bring a much-anticipated grocery store and other amenities to Lamminrahka. Construction of the shopping area will start next year, provided the zoning change is approved.