Our team is getting stronger

Sanni Siira
Sanni Siira

The Joo Group has continued to grow this autumn, and we now have new people strengthening the Joo team. Roosa, Kirsi, Henna and Niko agreed to share their thoughts about being a Joo team member.

‪”I'm incredibly happy to work as part of a work community in which you're allowed to make mistakes and ask for help, but I still can't wait to be able to make certain decisions independently without worrying that something goes wrong or asking for backup. What motivates me here is the encouraging atmosphere and the hands-on attitude people have. Meeting customers and getting their positive feedback also makes me feel great”, says our rental representative Henna Tauriainen.

New Joo team members

Kirsi Määttä in Oulu and Niko Lindell in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area are both new rental representatives at Joo Kodit. Both aim to develop professionally so that they can offer even more carefree living to residents.

”It has surprised me how many different responsibilities a rental representative has during the tenancy, so I want to learn more about the Act on Residential Leases. I like my job, particularly when I get the chance to deal with different kinds of people and help them find their dream homes. It's an amazing feeling when you succeed in making residents happy”, Niko adds.

Developing and improving together

Roosa Lappalainen took on the role of the Joo Kodit Marketing Manager this autumn. Her skills are invaluable in several projects from developing the customer experience to launching the new Joo Hetki cafe.

”The marketing and brand of Joo Kodit are at the heart of my job, but I also love getting involved in a wide range of projects like opening the cafe. My daily tasks at Joo Kodit are very varied, allowing me to develop myself in all the elements of marketing planning. Together with the Joo team we are developing and creating something new all the time. It's still crucial, however, to keep in mind our long-term objectives and sometimes stop and take stock of what we've achieved. All in all, my role at Joo Kodit is exciting and interesting, and I get to constantly challenge myself”, Roosa concludes.