Pohjola Rakennus and Asuntoyhtymä sign a deal for an apartment complex to be built in Oulu

Marianne Minkkinen
Marianne Minkkinen

Asuntoyhtymä has commissioned the building of 76 new Joo apartments in the Karjasilta district of Oulu. Their combined surface area will be approximately 2600m². The apartment complexes will be built by Pohjola Rakennus Oy Suomi. The deal over the property was signed in December 2021, with construction to begin in summer 2022.

– Oulu is one of the focus area of Asuntoyhtymä's investment strategy, and Oulun Hohto will be an excellent addition to our portfolio in Oulu's fast growing urban area. The ample local services and exercise opportunities of Karjasilta provide the perfect backdrop for a good and balanced life. We are very happy to co-operate with Pohjola Rakennus and look forward to seeing the finished Joo apartments, Asuntoyhtymä's CEO Jaakko Niskanen says.

Karjasilta is located approximately two kilometres from the centre of Oulu. the multifaceted residential area combines history, nature, and the convenience of urban life with its easy access to services. In 2009, the public voted Karjasilta as the best residential area in Finland.

Asuntoyhtymä's rental apartment brand Joo Kodit, which was launched in autumn 2021, promises carefree rental living, primarily as a result of personal service, flexibility, close-knit communities, and sustainability. Our aim is to achieve the EU energy rating 'A' for optimal energy efficiency for all our new Joo apartments.

For more information, please contact:

Jaakko Niskanen, Asuntoyhtymä Oy, CEO, 050 537 8450, jaakko.niskanen@asuntoyhtyma.fi

Ari Loukkola, Pohjola Rakennus Oy Suomi, project director, 0400 942 890, ari.loukkola@pohjolarakennus.fi

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Asuntoyhtymä Oy develops, manages and rents out homes in Finland's growth centres. We currently own approximately 4200 finished rental homes, which we call Joo apartments. Joo means carefree rental living: personal service, flexibility, close-knit communities, and sustainability.

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