We are adopting a whistleblowing channel for reporting unacceptable behaviour

Antti Niskanen
Antti Niskanen

We are adopting an anonymous whistleblowing channel for reporting unacceptable behaviour at Asuntoyhtymä. Our values are important to us, and the new digital reporting channel, based on the EU whistleblower directive, is an important way to ensure they’re put into practice.

Ideally, we prefer our personnel, customers and partners to take up any concerns directly with the people involved. We’re always ready to lend an ear to people from within and outside the company, whether it’s about feedback, suggestions, or worries.

However, an anonymous, confidential channel also plays an important role in safeguarding our values. Anyone who witnesses a breach of the law or our values can report it via the new whistleblowing channel.

You’ll find more detailed information about the channel as well as a direct link to it here.

We always strive to follow our values and hope that any breaches of them are flagged in an appropriate way. Sometimes that can mean constructive criticism face to face, solving a problem with our customer service, or in more serious cases, reporting the issue via the whistleblowing channel.

Let’s all look after our values together!