We've opened new offices all around Finland

Roosa Lappalainen
Roosa Lappalainen

Joo Kodit Turku office

Over the past few months, we've completed the construction of several stunning Joo Kodit offices around Finland. That means we can now provide an even better environment for the growing Joo team to work in.

– At Joo Group, we want to invest in the well-being of our employees. One way we can do this is by offering high-quality, modern offices, which have been built with work in mind. An attractive work environment and an office space that truly fulfils the needs of our personnel has a positive impact on both mood and motivation. It's an investment for us, but most importantly, it's a source of energy for our teams, says Maarit Elo , our HR manager

In January, we opened our second Joo Kodit office in Oulu at the premises of the Joo Hetki café in the Toppilansalmi district. Our residents are now greeted with the scent of coffee and pastries when they pick up their keys, and our Oulu team members can also enjoy the cafe's treats. With these two offices, we can now help out our residents even more efficiently than before.

Joo Kodit office in Toppilansalmi, Oulu

In December, our team in Turku moved to a new Joo-style office. A ground floor commercial space was converted into a bright workspace for Joo team members as the As Oy Henning apartment complex was completed. The new office is located in the Herttuankulma district, which is already home to numerous Joo Kodit apartments.

Our new office in Tampere is situated near the city centre, with good transport links, making it even easier for people from all over Pirkanmaa to visit us. Its playful and colourful interior design delights people who walk past its large windows on Itsenäisyydenkatu.

Joo Kodit Tampere office

Our office in Kivistö, Vantaa, also got a new, Joo style look and feel earlier this year, so working there is now more enjoyable than ever.

Cosy ambience meets convenient amenities

All of these new offices were designed by Bond Creative Agency, with a cohesive style and warm colors to create a cosy atmosphere. We're delighted to have our residents visit us in such attractive premises, which we hope exude a warm and caring atmosphere from the moment people step in.

Each office also has a convenient key lockbox where new residents can pick up their keys at any time of day in case they can't make it to the office during regular business hours.

Joo key lockbox