Everything we do is based on our values:


Every employee has the freedom to work in their own way, while respecting our shared processes. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. We keep our promises and pledge to merit the trust accorded to us.

We treat everyone kindly, equally and fairly. That is also the cornerstone of the Joo service approach – a genuine desire to enable a carefree life for our residents.


The services we provide for our customers and partners are easy to use. We don’t overcomplicate things. We always aim to understand the big picture and focus on the essential.


Sustainable working life: We work passionately and the right amount. We focus on finding a good work life balance.

Sustainable property development and management: We are driven to make our operations ecologically sustainable. We develop and manage properties that are long-lasting, functional and desirable.

Sustainable life in Joo apartments: We strengthen community spirit at our properties. We make reducing waste, recycling, sustainable mobility, and other aspects of ecological life easy for residents.

Continuous personal and business development

Personal development: We take responsibility for continuously developing our expertise. We don’t shy away from requesting or giving feedback.

Business development: Joo Group is reinventing urban living. We are always testing out new options and developing solutions, which will continue to benefit us, our customers and the society for decades to come.