Asuntoyhtymä and Marvea have signed a deal for new homes to be built in Keinusaari, Hämeenlinna

Marianne Minkkinen
Marianne Minkkinen

The Hämeenlinnan Keinusaari development complements Joo Kodit’s rental apartment offering in the sought-after station area.

As Oy Hämeenlinnan Keinusaari

Asuntoyhtymä and Marvea have agreed on the building of 119 new Joo Kodit rental homes in Keinusaari, Hämeenlinna. The apartment complex, estimated to be completed in summer 2023, will be called As Oy Hämeenlinnan Keinusaari.

The apartment complex will meet the criteria for the energy rating A, have its own solar panels, and utilise geothermal heating. Water consumption can be more easily regulated thanks to remote readable meters. Efficient layouts will also help minimise the apartments’ environmental footprint, as no living space is wasted. All the rental apartments will be built from high quality materials that stand the test of time.

– Joo is a way of life based on easy and carefree renting. We’re delighted to enable that in Hämeenlinna, says Asuntoyhtymä’s CEO Jaakko Niskanen.

Marvea and Asuntoyhtymä have already collaborated on several building projects all around Finland, says Marvea’s CEO Miikka Routama.

– The solutions for everyday living have been very carefully considered, and we both have a very clear idea of the level of quality we want to achieve. Another thing Marvea and Asuntoyhtymä have in common is the highly committed staff involved in our collaboration projects, Routama continues.

Everyday life is easy in the station area

The new development in Keinusaari, Hämeenlinna, complements the existing Joo apartment offering in the sought-after station area of Hämeenlinna. This summer will see the completion of 100 new Joo rental apartments in the Hämeenlinnan Asemanranta apartment complex near Keinusaari. Residents will be able to enjoy the apartment complex’s communal gym, shared car, and free sauna shifts.

The popularity of Asemanranta and Keinusaari is based on their convenient location near the centre of Hämeenlinna. Restaurants, shops, the Verkatehdas Culture and Congress Centre, and the Hämeenlinna Art Museum are all nearby. The beautiful parks around Lake Vanajavesi attract local walkers, joggers and picnic groups on evenings and weekends.

Thanks to the local amenities and efficient public transport, you don’t need to have a car in the station area. The nearby railway station is your gateway to other major towns in Finland.