Happy 1st birthday Joo!

Marianne Minkkinen
Marianne Minkkinen

Our rental apartment brand Joo Kodit turns one year old on 16 September. Joo has been growing amazingly fast. Owning just over 3300 rental apartments to start with, it now offers approximately 5500 homes. Read on to find out all the new things to which we have said Joo (that's yes in Finnish!) in the first year.

1. Joo to furnished rental apartments

Joo+ furnished rental apartments

In spring we launched our furnished Joo+ apartments for long-term rental. Joo+ apartments offer affordable rental living for as long as you like – whether that's 10 months or 10 years!

2. Joo to interior design inspiration

Joo x Finnish Design Shop 2

We've inspired people to furnish their compact homes sustainably. The interior designers of Finnish Design Shop put together three different interior design sets, which were created especially for Joo Kodit apartments.

3. Joo to sustainable development

solar panel

We've decided to commission only apartment complexes with the best energy rating A as well as to increase the use of solar power and geothermal heating.

4. Joo to helping out residents

Joo Fixer

We started to offer free help for small fixes at home in some of our apartment complexes. Joo Fixer puts up pictures as well as installs light fixtures and washing machines on residents' behalf.

5. Joo to clever communal spaces

Joo Olohuone

Plans are underway for a variety of communal spaces in our new developments. The first shared residents' lounge, Joo Olohuone, is already open in Masala in Kirkkonummi. Residents' feedback on the opening day of Joo Olohuone was overwhelmingly positive, and people came up with great uses for the venue from board game evenings to watching sports together.

6. Joo to active communities

Joo Kodit running school, Oulu

Preventing loneliness at home is one of Joo Kodit's missions, so we've begun to build residents' communities. In Toppilansalmi in Oulu we helped people get to know each other by organising a running school event last summer. This winter residents' activities will continue at the new Joo Hetki café. Once opened, the café will host a variety of events and the Joo Kodit customer service point.