Joo+ revolutionises the culture of rental living in Finland

Sanni Siira
Sanni Siira

Press release 14 February 2022

Until now, long-term rental living in furnished apartment in Finland has been both expensive and fairly unusual. As the first company in the market, Joo Kodit is bringing Finland up to date with the international trend by adding furnished apartments to its portfolio of affordable, long term rental homes.

Joo Kodit launched their new furnished rental apartment concept called Joo+ at the start of 2022, and the first residents moved in shortly after. The most important pieces of furniture have been selected for Joo+ apartments by an interior designer. The small things, such as crockery, blankets and house plants, the tenants will bring themself to incorporate their own style. Joo+ apartments are rented for a minimum of six months, and with an early bird offer, the monthly furniture supplement is only 45 euro on top of the rent. The service is particularly targeted at people who are facing major life changes, such as students, those relocating for a new job, or the newly divorced.

– Many of our customers have been asking about furnished apartments for long-term living, and we realised no-one was offering such a thing in Finland. The aim of our Joo+ service is to make moving in as quick and easy as possible. We buy the furniture and assemble it to make the home ready for the tenant to settle in, without them having to spend a lot of money on new furniture or worry about transporting it, says Heta Kärki, the commercial director of Joo Kodit.

Today, Joo Kodit has approximately 4 200 rental apartments around Finland, and Joo+ furnished homes are currently available in four apartment complexes in Kirkkonummi, Tampere, Nokia, Turku and Oulu. Joo Kodit is growing fast, and the service will be expanded to other locations in the coming years. Championing community spirit

Demand for holistic services for rental living, which support overall wellbeing, is on the rise in Finland. Joo Kodit is pioneering these in the market, and Joo+ is just one of the many carefree and flexible services it offers its tenants. One of the company’s key objectives is to prevent loneliness.

According to market research conducted by Joo Kodit, one in three people living in rented accommodation have experienced loneliness at home. Most of the tenants in Joo apartments are young people, who are not only looking for high quality apartments but also the chance to get to know their neighbours. Joo tenants are already offered opportunities to do sports together, and in the future, community spaces and cafés will be added to an increasing number of apartment complexes.

For more information, please contact:

Heta Kärki Asuntoyhtymä Oy / Joo Kodit, commercial director tel. 050 566 2798

Joo Kodit Joo Kodit is Asuntoyhtymä Oy’s rental apartment brand launched in autumn 2021. It promises carefree living by providing personal and flexible service, championing close communities, and making sustainable choices.

At Joo Kodit, we rent out homes in Finland’s growth centres, such as the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Tampere region, Turku, and Oulu. As a responsible, long term owner, we take the best possible care of our apartments, tenants and the environment. Joo Kodit’s mission is simple: to make rental living carefree. We want our tenants to be free to say Joo, which means yes in Finnish – yes to embracing the new, seizing the moment, and following their hearts.

Founded in 2017, Asuntoyhtymä Oy is part of the Nordic Balder Group.