Laajakallio in Kirkkonummi gets new, upmarket rental homes

Heta Kärki
Heta Kärki

Press release 29.9.2021 Mangrove Oy & Asuntoyhtymä Group

New, high standard rental homes will soon be available in the attractive Laajakallio neighbourhood of Kirkkonummi, thanks to the Kirkkonummen Saaga apartment complex commissioned by Asuntoyhtymä Group. The two-storey blocks of self-contained apartments are built by Mangrove.

Kirkkonummen Saaga will comprise two apartment blocks with a total of 34 apartments. Their construction started in August, and residents will be welcomed in autumn 2022.

Laajakallio is a tranquil neighbourhood with essential services from day care to a primary school and grocery shops nearby. Excellent traffic connections make commuting easy. The entire apartment complex has been designed with comfortable living and convenience in mind.

"Asuntoyhtymä already manages more than 250 Joo Kodit rental apartments in Kirkkonummi. The Laajakallio and Masala neighbourhoods stand out with their proximity to nature, sports facilities and transport connections. We believe in the lasting attraction of this area and want to further develop its community spirit. That’s why Joo Kodit decided to sponsor Masala’s newly opened Joo.Arena sports centre, too," says Jaakko Niskanen from Asuntoyhtymä Group.

Kirkkonummen Saaga ulkokuva

Building materials that save energy and reduce carbon footprint

The size of the new homes varies from 30.5 m2 studios to 58 m2 two-bedroom apartments. They all combine efficient use of space with modern Scandinavian materials. Water-based underfloor heating and heat recovery ventilation with apartment-specific controls provide round-the-year comfort.

The residents will also enjoy access to a common room, sauna department, and 35 covered parking spaces to rent. Geothermal heating helps minimise the buildings’ carbon footprint.

“Mangrove and Asuntoyhtymä share the same agile and non-hierarchical working philosophy, along with values that drive sustainable development. That’s why it was so easy to embark on this project together,” says the CEO of Mangrove, Antti Lundstedt.

Sustainable choices have been a priority in the planning and design of the new buildings.

“At Mangrove, we make detailed energy and carbon footprint calculations for all our developments. These help us optimise the energy efficiency of the buildings’ technical solutions and structures. Energy efficiency plays the biggest role in a building’s lifetime carbon footprint and cost. This is why we chose geothermal heating for Saaga, as well as set our sights for energy efficiency class A, the highest class possible,” Lundstedt explains.

Kirkkonummi vuokra-asunto Joo Kodit

Joo Kodit offers carefree living without rental deposits

Asuntoyhtymä is a property developer, owner and manager, which focuses on high standard rental homes in major growth centres.

It’s new consumer brand is called Joo Homes, which makes all Asuntoyhtymä-owned rental apartments Joo Homes. Joo Homes are new or near-new apartments for people embarking on new adventures and want a carefree life. No deposits are required, and pets are welcome.

“Joo, which means yes in Finnish, stands for carefree rental living. To us, carefree means many things, one of the most important of which is the ability live more sustainably. Together with Mangrove, enabling sustainable living comes easily,” says Jaakko Niskanen.

For more information, please contact

Mangrove Oy Antti Lundstedt, CEO tel. 050 572 5200

Asuntoyhtymä Group Oy / Joo Kodit Heta Kärki, commercial director tel. 050 566 2798

About Mangrove

Founded in 1994, Mangrove is a Finnish family-owned housing specialist. The company contracts, builds and manages affordable homes, which support sustainable development and the well-being of the environment. In addition to building residential properties for private individuals to own and rent, Mangrove collaborates with property owners and investors as a general contractor and project partner. Mangrove operates in Pirkanmaa, Southwest Finland and Uusimaa regions as well as in parts of Western Finland. The group’s parent company is Mangrove Yhtiöt Oy. Mangrove’s turnover in 2020 was more than 40 million euro. The company employs approximately 100 people.

About Asuntoyhtymä

At Asuntoyhtymä, we develop, rent out and manage properties in Finland’s growth centres, such as the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Tampere region, Turku, and Oulu. As a responsible, long-term owner, we want to promote new ways of sustainable living and housing. Looking after our apartments, residents and the environment is at the heart of everything we do. The mission of Joo Homes is to enable carefree rental living. Joo means yes in Finnish – yes to life’s opportunities, adventures and dreams.