Our Jooppi app for residents is making rental living more carefree than ever

Marianne Korhonen
Marianne Korhonen


Here at Joo Group, we want to make rental living as carefree as possible. One of the many ways in which we do this is by ensuring effective and inspiring communication with our residents. That's why we will soon launch our new Jooppi app to help all Joo Kodit residents.

The development of the app started from scratch just six months ago. The variety of people involved have included Joo team members from digital development, rentals, customer services, rent management and marketing as well as the developers of our property management and CRM systems. Our external partner Columbia Road is in charge of the app's technical implementation and visuals. Designer Sandra Fernández says she's found the project interesting from the very start.

– We approached the project by putting tenants’ wants and needs at the forefront of our design process, while at the same time co-creating Jooppi with the internal teams with business results in mind. Thanks to that, we could define the functionalities needed for every user group to support Joo Kodit’s carefree rental experience.

Customers were also invited to contribute to the project. Now the application is nearly ready, with only some final touches to be fixed before the launch.


Everything within your reach 24/7

With the upcoming Jooppi app, our residents can easily manage everything about their home, the Joo Kodit Customer Service Manager Heini Savinen says.

– All they need to know about their home and neighbourhood is always within their reach in Jooppi. They can use the app to get in touch with us, review their personal information, discover residents' benefits, and find new ideas for where to have a coffee or do some exercise – together with a neighbour if they like.

Customer services and rent management will answer residents' questions via the app's chat every weekday.

– The chat is a really cool extra, as for a lot of our young customers it may be the most natural way to contact us. Of course we're still happy to receive calls and emails, too. The fact that everything is so easy to find in Jooppi is a win-win for everyone. It means we have more time to help those customers whose issues might require particular attention.


Joo Group's Digital Development Manager Annika Standertskjöld-Nordenstam says that the first version of the app will be launched as soon as possible instead of waiting for all the planned features to be finalised.

– By publishing a simpler version first we can take into account user feedback when developing future features. That'll enable us to create an app that genuine responds to our residents' needs rather than one that we imagine they might need.

Heini Savinen hopes that residents will share plenty of feedback about the app. To help make that happen, the app includes mini surveys, which will be followed by customer satisfaction surveys in the future.

Sandra Fernández from Columbia Road says that since the project started she has paid much more attention to similar services offered by other companies.

– As an experienced tenant myself, it was positively surprising to learn, besides the complexity of managing rental apartments, how the team at Joo Kodit aims to continuously improve the experience of Joo tenants while bringing a human touch to all that they do.

The first Joo Kodit residents can start using Jooppi during this month.