Being given responsibility and a great work community have been the highlights for Joo Group summer employees

Hilla Höyhtyä
Hilla Höyhtyä

Summer employees at Joo

Summer employees are an important part of our team at Joo, and this year we've had yet another fantastic group amongst us. We interviewed our summer employees from Oulu, Tampere, Kivistö, and Kauniainen, asking them what it's like to work at Joo Group.

Luukas Soukka Luukas Soukka, 19, summer employee in the Oulu rentals team

Apartment viewings and the different customer interactions. I always look forward to viewings, because it's nice meeting residents and chatting during the visit.

What do you do at Joo? I started at Joo in February as a financial administration intern, then transitioned to summer work here in the rentals team. So, I handle apartment rentals, and in August, I also filled in for another rental representative. My tasks include conducting apartment viewings, helping customers with reservations, agreement creation, and initiating billing. It's a really varied job.

What have you found the most interesting? Apartment viewings and the different customer interactions. I always look forward to viewings, because it's nice meeting residents and chatting during the visit.

What has surprised you? I was surprised by how varied this job is, in a good way.

Your favourite memory? It's difficult to pick just one favourite memory since every day in the office has been full of great moments. The entire experience at Joo is a favourite memory!

The best thing about Joo? The colleagues and atmosphere are the best things here! Right from the start of my internship, it really felt like I was part of the team.

Vilja Halme Vilja Halme, 21, student of business and political science, financial and administrative intern in Kauniainen

My favourite memories are the lunch breaks with co-workers and the great conversations.

What do you do at Joo? I'm a financial and administrative intern. So, I handle financial administration tasks like creating and sending out adjustment bills for water consumption. Additionally, my work as an administrative intern involves dealing with property deeds. This includes verifying that property information and transfer of ownership are registered correctly, scanning the deeds, and updating Excel.

What have you found the most interesting? Overall, the most interesting part of the job has been getting to know this industry and learning about the different departments involved and how they're interconnected, creating the big picture for residents. Personally, learning more about water bill adjustment and how it affects consumption and operations has been intriguing. Using the various tools and systems has also been fascinating, and these skills will surely be useful to me in the future.

What has surprised you? The atmosphere has been a really pleasant surprise. Everyone is friendly and cheerful, and that's been wonderful. Even though things can get hectic at times, I always feel good about coming to work.

The best thing about Joo? The atmosphere and the community. People encourage each other and are genuinely friendly and positive. Here, we're creating an atmosphere of getting things gone together – by helping each other, sharing jokes, and just having fun at work.

Martin Påwals Martin Påwals, 20, student of business, summer employee in the Kauniainen rentals team

I have to say the 'Joo vibe'! The best things here are the community spirit, respect for others, and all my co-workers being really nice.

Any previous experience in the field? I didn't have any prior experience in this field. I found the job listing on the Duunitori website and remembered seeing Joo in Kauniainen before. The description on Duunitori sounded interesting, so I applied.

What do you do at Joo? I am a summer employee in the rentals team, filling in for others during their holidays. My tasks are versatile, covering the whole apartment rental process from applications to handing over the keys. As a rental representative, you get a taster of everything, from conducting viewings to handling tenancy agreements and invoices, to office work, and providing customer service to residents.

What have you found the most interesting? I like the viewings best, as I get to meet a lot of people, joke around with them, and learn how to interact with different kinds of individuals and how to approach them. It's also nice to notice how people gradually relax during the viewings.

What has surprised you? It was a positive surprise to get to work as a rental representative, because initially, I thought I'd only be involved in assistant-level tasks. Although filling in initially made me a bit nervous, it's what I've liked best. Though there's more to do, it's more rewarding and easier, because you get to oversee the entire rental process yourself.

Fia Salo Fia Salo, 21, summer employee in the Tampere rentals team

My efforts are appreciated and I get to work on rewarding tasks.

What do you do at Joo? I've been assisting with rentals all summer, while also handling rentals for my own designated property. This means that I had an entire apartment complex under my care, for which I rented out apartments and took care of day-to-day issues.

What has surprised you? I was surprised by the fact that I was actually given responsibility, which was a very positive surprise. In such a short period of time, I was trusted with managing a whole property, though I didn't have prior expertise or experience in the field. It was a beautiful Friday morning when I came to work and Maaria asked me, "Would you like a bit more responsibility?"

Your favourite memory? The day when we went to Hämeenlinna with my colleagues, filmed a video of the apartment building, grabbed smoothies, and organised an open viewing. It was fun to do things that were out of the ordinary!

The best thing at Joo? My co-workers and the community! Nowhere else have summer employees been welcomed with such warmth. Here, my work is appreciated, and I get to work on rewarding tasks.

Otto Silvennoinen

Otto Silvennoinen, 22, student of real estate economy, summer employee in the Vantaa rentals team

It has surprised me how people have paid attention to my personal interests. When I said, for example, that I'm also interested in the financing side, I immediately got to find out more about that. The team here really helps you develop yourself.

What do you do at Joo? Here at the rentals team, my tasks have been really varied, and I've got to do all sorts of things beyond just rental activities. For instance, I've also had the chance to delve into the financial and financing side of things. During the summer, I've been working as a substitute for rental agents in charge of specific properties. So, I've been hands-on and gained responsibility, while taking care of several apartment complexes."

What have you found the most interesting? The times when I've filled in for rental representatives have been the most interesting in a way, because then I've been responsible for everything, deciding and handling it all myself. It's felt quite rewarding, having the chance to oversee the entire rental process.

Your favourite memory? Team events like summer days out.